What to Expect When You Visit

It’s always nice to know what to expect when visiting anywhere for the first time! One of the first things you will notice when you visit Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church is the friendly, welcoming group of people! We are just a small group of real people that love the Lord and want to serve him and others.

As far as how to dress when visiting, there’s no “dress code”. There will be some dressed in a suit and tie, some in Khakis and a button down shirt, and some may come straight from work to the service. Dress how you think the occasion demands, which is getting together to worship, fellowship, praise, and learn — centered around a loving and Holy God who is deserving of our very best that we can offer him.

The music here is conservative, yet sung with enthusiasm, vigor and excitement — as we sing traditional and timeless hymns with piano accompaniment. Sometimes you’ll hear some special music in the form of a solo or duet.

There will be an offering plate passed during the Sunday Morning service. If you’re just visiting, please don’t feel obligated to give any money, unless you feel led to. The offering is particularly for the members of the church to give their tithes and offerings, and it not there to make you feel uncomfortable. If you feel led to give we do thank you for the gift.

The preaching time consists of standing for the reading of God’s Word, followed by an opening prayer, and the preaching of the Bible. The length of the service varies. The basic schedule is consistent with an hour long service but we are careful to allow the Lord to lead the service as He sees fit. The Bible is preached for the learning and edification of the people and we want folks to meet Christ and develop an abiding, lasting, life changing relationship with Him!

Following the morning service we have a potluck, fellowship lunch. Any and all are welcome to stay and enjoy lunch. Typically each family brings a meal, or a part of a meal, but if you did not being food please do not allow that to stop you from staying and eating with us. There is always plenty of food to go around!

After that we head home for the day until we come back together for our Mid-week Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening. Wednesday evenings we sing a hymn, share prayer requests, Pastor preaches a message from the Bible and we spend time in intercessory prayer for the requests that were made.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when you visit Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church, we would LOVE to see you at any one of our services!!