Adult’s Sunday School

1479532435bu-picsayOur Adult Sunday school begins at 11AM and any age is welcome to attend.  The focus of this hour is to study God’s Word in a more relaxed, “classroom” type atmosphere where the Bible is taught and questions may be asked.  You can listen to our previous Adult Sunday School sessions by clicking on this link:  Adult Sunday School Online


Children’s Sunday School


Our Children’s Sunday school (ages 3-12) begins at 11AM.  The hour typically includes a Bible lesson, craft time, singing, and a take-home lesson.

Spectrum Generations

waldo-center-bb1Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church has members that go to the Spectrum, located in Belfast, twice a week to teach and preach the Word of God, sing hymns, and play piano for the residents.  It is a blessing to invest in the lives of those at the Spectrum and bring church to them.  This is a special and much needed ministry.

 Visitation & Outreach

secondary_johnandromansWe meet several Saturdays a month to reach out to our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Typically we spend an hour or two distributing John & Romans, gospel tracts and talking with, and investing in the lives of, our neighbors.


1484025480-picsay_20170110003343941-picsay-1At Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church we believe in fulfilling the great commision that the Lord Jesus gave to the church to “go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost..  Teaching them to observe all things what so ever I have commanded you…” (Matt.28:19-20).  We financially and prayerfully support both local and foreign missionaries.

Missionaries We Support

The McFarlands, Oxford, Maine

Jaron writes:

“God is faithfully providing everything we need at the right time!
We received our occupancy permit and are in the process of moving in and finishing up trim work on the building.”    
You can connect with the McFarlands at–kim-mcfarland.html


 The McTagues, Toronto area, Canada

 The McTagues are currently back from Tibet and are missionaries to a refugee camp in the Toronto, Ontario area.   They continue to minister to displaced Tibetans there and continue to return quarterly to Tibet to minister there.  You can connect with them on Facebook via username CoryApril McTague.


Cal and Melba Fuller, Church Planters

The Fullers have been planting churches in Maine and elsewhere in New England for several years.   They founded Winning New England for Eternity, in 2005, assisting struggling churches by providing an interim pastorship, helping pastors find churches, and preaching at conferences and special services.  You can connect with them at


The Williams Family, THAILAND and Burma

Greetings! We’re the Williams Family, Independent Baptist church planting missionaries sent out of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, PA.

  • Nathaniel (Nat), February 1st, 1978
  • Anne, February 1st, 1983
  • Paul, September 6th, 2012
  • Ellen, May 5th, 2014
  • Rachel, December 12th, 2017
  • Anniversary July 10, 2010


In 2003, God called me (Nat) to give my life to proclaim the Gospel, specifically on the foreign mission field. Since that time, He has been redirecting my understanding of missions to conform to the pattern of Scripture.

The Lord gave Anne 15 months of on-the-ground training in Thailand, as she assisted missionaries with publication and printing needs. It was through one of these projects for Thailand that God connected our paths together.

After much exposure to the needs in Thailand, Southeast Asia, God has directed our focus toward the people groups of Burma. Through the ministry of our home church, the Lord has prepared us for evangelism, discipleship and church planting overseas. We are now being sent out of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church, as ambassadors to Burma and Thailand.  Please visit our website for the latest information about the Williams mission at:

 The Fillions, Coaticook, Canada

God burdened our hearts to start an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in the city of Coaticook, Québec, Canada. The town has witnessed a Baptist influence in the past, but now the only testimonies left are the empty old churches located in the town and the neighboring villages.
With God’s help, we plan to bring the glorious saving gospel of Jesus Christ to this needy town. Our plan is to be fully supported by July of 2017 and start ministering in Coaticook in August. We already have several places that would be perfect for a church building, and we are praying that God will clearly show where He wants this building to be.   You can connect with the Fillions at


Brother Mike Saunders, Tomball, Texas

 Brother Mike Saunders runs the Veterans For Christ ministry, out of Shadyacres Baptist Church, which brings the Bible Baptist message to returning veterans in need of spiritual guidance.   You can connect with Brother Mike at



 Billy, Julie and Madison Ford have been missionaries to the Tohono O’oDHAM people at villages in the Arizona City area of Arizona.   Here are some excerpts from their  February 2018 newsletter:
Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Supporters,
With each passing season, we find that we have more and more to learn about the people God has called us to serve , their culture, traditions,
and beliefs just to name a few.  This past holiday season presented many “firsts” for our family in learning about how the O’odham observe both Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the coming of the Holiday season Julie and I began to question our kids and adults about how their families celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas? Due to the level of poverty
that our Bible Club members live in, we felt there would be very little for each occasion. But to our surprise we were told that most do not
celebrate either holiday. We further learned that they did not truly 

 understand what each holiday represented, which was even more troubling to us.  Once we learned all of this, Julie’s mind was set that they were going to experience a complete Thanksgiving dinner and we were going to give them a traditional Christmas with food and gifts for everyone!

For the month of November, Julie worked with the children and adults during Craft Time on learning about Thanksgiving and being thankful.
One day she asked the simple question: What are you thankful for?
The question was confusing to both kids and adults as they didn’t know they were supposed to be thankful for anything and who to be thankful to. Once Julie explained James 1:17 ” Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” their wheels started turning. One of the teenagers gave one
of the best answers of “I am thankful for my life, I love my life”. This is a child whose only meal most days comes from school lunch and our Bible Club.  In her house the family does not gather around for the Thanksgiving meal and there is not a Christmas tree.  But she is thankful for her life.
If Christmas didn’t involve gifts, decorations, and all the festivities,
could you list your life as something to be thankful for? I can truly say our experiences during the holiday season has reshaped our how we will celebrate both holidays. 
You can follow the Fords on Facebook as fords2thetonation  or at


The Spear Family, Gravatai, Brazil



 The Spears have established a
ministry in Gravatai, which is
in the southernmost tip of Brazil. Here
are some highlights from their Christmas
2018 newsletter:
We celebrated Christmas with American Missionaries from other
parts of the Greater Proto Alegre area. We also had a wonderful dinner at
the Church where we decided to have a birthday party for Jesus. All the peo-
ple were to bring a present for the church to celebrate Jesus’s birth. This
was a new concept for the people here, but they took hold of the idea and ex-
celled our expectations. The church was given a water cooler, baking dish-
es, a new sink for the kitchen, kitchen towels, and paint for painting the exte-
rior of the Church after we are able to fix the problems of the building.
We enter the year with new plans, new ideas, new ministries, and new
people. We have been so blessed this past year. Since our last letter, a new
program has been started named King’s Kids. We did not have the numbers
that we were expecting, but we do have some faithful and some not so faith-
ful. What is very interesting when kids come to the club, their parents ac-
company them to the study. We have one such mom and her name is Martha.
Her daughter is Taiana. They have been coming to the study faithfully for a
couple of weeks. They have heard the gospel through the songs, through the
games, through the studies, and through the work they have to memorize.
Our people are diligently praying for their salvation. There are also a brother
and sister that live across the street that have started to come as well. They
have some knowledge of the people of the Bible, but have no clue about sal-
vations. Their names are Eduardo and Bruna. Samuel has been trying to en-
courage the boys on the street to participate in the club as well.
You can connect with the Spears via email at



The Hoot Family minister to a few locations in the Nashville, TN area.


Craig and Stacy Cobb travel extensively in the USA to appear as guest evangelists.